Rescue An Orphan

Take a child for you. Thousands of children in raipur awaiting for mom & dad.

Feed The Hungry

You donate - we buy some food for poor ophans.

Free Education

Become a teacher for those who needs.

Our Mission

Human's life is priceless. We try to help oul little friends.

Join us and let's save the world together!

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Our crew is trying to provide you all the info about our work.


Build Schools in India

For the last 10 years we built dozens of school. More is coming.

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0 Students

Feeding Children in India

Every orphan needs our help. We provide some food for thousands children.

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Make Donation

1 Dollar or 1000 dollars - doesn't matter!

Medical Health

Our doctor save children's lives every day.

Food for the Poor

Daily warm food for thousands people.

Help & Love

Every child is our friend.

Give To The Needy

All the money is going for help only.


We need good people to change the world together.

Our Blog

Read some daily news and updates from our crew.


How to build a new school

January 18, 2019 By James Cooper

Unbelievable story about schoold building in Raipur.

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Happiness is simple

January 18, 2019 By James Cooper

Check some interviews with our chidren

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